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jonathan braue


Jon loves building things. Legos. Furniture. People. Moral. Building stuff, no matter what it is you’re building, always requires the same tools. Patience. Vision. Humor. Empathy. And just the right amount of crazy. Building a creative company from the ground up has been easy compared to some of the Ikea furniture Jon’s built. Then again, he is a (very, very, very) distant relative of George Lucas.


A line from a film that best sums up his life:

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

Back to the Future

Joe Talbot Portrait July 2017-09420006.jpg



Joe got his hands on his dad’s 8mm camera when he was 14. From that moment, it became his primary means of entertainment, expression and income. He recreated his favorite films, from Mission Impossible to Star Wars. He convinced teachers to let him make videos in lieu of writing papers. And when faced with the daunting task of standing up in front of 150 people to deliver the best man’s speech at Jon’s wedding, he pressed play instead. Today Joe uses his skills to help brands tell their stories—and also to make terrifying horror films with his sweet wife.


A line from a film that best sums up his life:

“Would you buy this movie for $14.95?”

American Movie

Stevie Ansara Portrait August 2017-.jpg

Stevie Ansara


Stevie was a stutterer. He couldn’t get a word out without getting stuck on the first letter. Eventually he turned the funny sounds he made into beats and patterns. Within his struggle, he found his rhythm and a gift for beatboxing. As a producer, you won’t be surprised to learn he never misses a beat.


A line from a film that best sums up his life:

“Wax on, wax off.”

Karate Kid

Anthony Bommarito Portrait July 2017.jpg

Anthony Bommarito


Anthony is the glue. It’s his job to keep the idea—and team—together from paper to post production. He is guardian of the schedule, master of the budget, and champion of the creative. His superpower — brightening the darkest of situations.


A line from a film that best sums up his life:

“Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

The Godfather

Ashley Carey Portrait August 2017-28590001.jpg



They call her AC—because she keeps it cool. As a rising producer, AC is organized, entertaining, and hella determined to bring new stories to life. When she’s not producing for WO, Ashley’s producing moves on the dance floor.


A line from a film that best sums up her life:

“Bitch, you don’t know my life.”

Baby Mama

Cody Cochran Portrait August 2017-39360002.jpg




As a kid, Cody traveled often. He’s been obsessed with exploring the world from different angles ever since. Now he does it professionally. As our in-house cinematographer and certified drone pilot, Cody approaches each and every project from an interesting perspective.


A line from a film that best sums up his life:

“If you ain’t first, you’re last.”

Talladega Nights

Dave Tappan Portrait July 2017.jpg



Dave has seen way too many movies for his own good - an average of 248 films per year since 2014 to be exact. When Dave's not watching movies he's probably thinking about movies, or writing, or actually making movies. He even threw all of his things in his car and drove across the country from Los Angeles to make movies with us. When we saw how crazy he was, we knew he was a keeper.


A line from a film that best sums up his life:

“Here's looking at you kid”


Nikki Finn Portrait July 2017.jpg



When Nikki isn't editing, you will most likely find her playing sweet, sweet tunes on her guitar for her co-workers or perfecting the art of her iced coffee. As a Detroit resident, Nikki suggests you check out Cafe D'Mongo's if you want to feel like you’ve been transported to New Orleans for a night, Checker Bar on Thursdays to be serenaded by Detroit’s finest karaoke, and Rose's Fine Foods to enjoy the best cup of Joe on the block.


A line from a film that best sums up her life:

“I just like smiling, smiling’s my favorite!”  


Kenny Ingle Portrait July 2017 (1).jpg



Kenny is no stranger to foreign territory. Drop him into any situation, in any country, at any time, and like a chameleon, he adapts instantly and responds colorfully. The only thing this EP sweats are Bikram yoga classes. Also, he’s seen more movies than you.


A line from a film that best sums up his life:

“You never got me down, Ray.”

Raging Bull

Hamoody Jaafar Portrait July 2017-12920008.jpg



He left his high paying job as a director of mortgage banking to take an internship at WO. Now Moody is a different kind of director—the kind he dreamed of becoming ever since he was a kid. He says getting comfortable being uncomfortable is the secret to his success. We think it’s his dimples.


A line from a film that best sums up his life:

"’Do you like apples?’ ‘...Yeah.’ ‘Well, I got a numba. How do you like them apples?’"

Good Will Hunting

Davis Nixon Portrait August 2017-39370006.jpg



Davis is from Davisburg. No, really. This coffee guzzling editor extraordinaire and stock market savant can juggle many things at once—just not while he’s juggling.


A line from a film that best sums up his life:

“I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.”

Twin Peaks

Dimitruis Ramirez Portrait August 2017-.jpg



The first/last time he tried to sneak out of his house, Dimitrius  fell out of his window and landed on his face—proof he’s a fast learner. We like that in an intern. His keen sense of light, composition, and movement make him valuable behind a camera, and dangerous around the ping pong table.


A line from a film that best sums up his life:

“The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.”

A Bronx Tale

Nick Robinson Portrait July 2017-12900006.jpg


Operations Manager

Nick likens his role to zoo keeping. It’s his responsibility to make sure all the animals are cared for, well-fed and have a happy, clean environment to play in. While the job can get messy, there’s nothing like observing creativity in its natural habitat.


A line from a film that best sums up his life:

“That was Amazing! Thank you very little.”


Patrick Sexton Portrait August 2017-39310007.jpg



Patrick has a thing for storytelling, as well as color. He achieved Pokémon master status in ’97 and he’s on his way to becoming a master colorist as we speak. His ability to examine and recognize the nuances of color in nature and replicate them on-screen is rivaled only by his ability to craft a scrumptious homemade pizza.


A line from a film that best sums up his life:

“I’ve been up in here trying to get a m**********g scholarship.”

Pineapple Express

Chent Steinbrink Portrait August 2017-39230005.jpg



Chent aka 50chent aka Chentchilla is the biggest Radiohead fanatic known to man.  He also holds the world record for repeating the pronunciation of his name so people don't miss that ‘n’ and call him Chet.  Since he’s used to playing human spell check, editing is second nature to our Chenty boy.


A line from a film that best sums up his life:

“You can’t triple stamp a double stamp.”

Dumb and Dumber