7 Startup Videos That Nailed It

There are a lot of startup videos out there.  Video marketing has been recognized as one of the most powerful ways to get the word out about a company or product.  But not all content is created equal – some knock your socks off; most … don’t.  


In this post, we’ll explore a few of our favorite startup videos from around the web and why we love them.  These aren’t all explainer videos, demos, brand anthems or testimonials.  Rather, these pieces are as varied and innovative as the startups that made them.


Google’s first commercial came after the company’s founders vowed that it would be a cold day in hell before they'd make a TV commercial.  Welp, hell froze over during the 2010 Super Bowl when Google aired Parisian Love. It effortlessly shows the product while telling a heartwarming story.  This piece is phenomenal because it shows both what Google does and how real people use it.  It’s amazing the story a few questions can tell.



Charismatic, humorous, off-the-wall. This take on the informative product video sticks in your mind and provides a glimpse into Dollar Shave Club’s culture.  It pioneered the form of wacky explainer videos.

This is the video that every young, zany startup wants to copy – DON’T.  It’s a great form but it has been played out.  What was genuine for them is probably not authentic for your brand.  Authenticity is vital when creating any content.



Castle's animated explainer video is a great example of creating a hero narrative around the problem your company is solving.  The animation is quirky, engaging, and informative and the narrator succinctly lays out Castle’s value proposition from problem to solution.



This epic, homegrown, Cincinnati music video from our friends at Rhinegeist is a digression from the pieces above but shows a totally different tactic for creating a video.  Their culture is on display more than the product and they are unabashedly goofy.  This piece is creative, fun, and just puts a smile on your face.



With opening product shots reminiscent of the Apple campaigns that CMRA is meant to augment, this piece by Sandwich Video is a beautiful example of a product debut.  We love that they create romance with their product – think the Parisian Love ad by Google earlier in this blog.  On top of that, they are naming themselves as the next innovation in a line of camera and communication technologies that have captured great, human moments through b-roll of past cameras and events.  Everything is thought out and clean in this piece with a narrative and style that understands and illustrates how CMRA fits into both the present and past.



We love this StockX explainer – not just because we made it – but for a lot of the same reasons as the Castle piece.  It helps that celebrities like Wale, Foamer Simpson, and Hasan Minhaj were on board to help, but the key elements – clear statement of the problem being solved, explanation of how it works, quirky aesthetic supported by graphics – were still in place to get the message across.  


We can say from firsthand experience it takes a lot of work and careful thought to make these pieces shine. But if your product and culture are awesome, they are a great way to showcase both who you are and what you do.