Co-Founder | CEO

joseph talbot

Co-Founder | President

Woodward Original is the video production company that almost never was—because Joe and Jon almost didn’t meet. They grew up in totally different worlds on opposite sides of Woodward, with very little ground in common. But they did meet. One fateful day, their fathers literally crossed paths on the street, struck up a conversation, and realized they each had a son around the same age. They got the boys together, and though wildly different in nature, Joe and Jon found something in each other that they hadn’t found in anyone else.

An invaluable collaborator. An impassioned co-conspirator. Someone else as completely transfixed by the magic of filmmaking. And also Led Zeppelin. Jon was finding his stride on the production side while Joe found his in post. The timing of their first encounter was impeccable. To this day, nothing can separate them, not even their allegiance to rival Coney Islands.

Stevie ansara


anthony bommarito


ashley carey

Associate Producer

cody cochran

Production Specialist

chent steinbrink


patrick sexton


nikki finn


kenny ingle

Executive Producer

hamoody jaafar


davis nixon

Post-Production Lead

dimitrius ramirez

Associate Production Specialist

nick robinson

Operations Manager