Hamoody Jaafar Portrait July 2017-12920008.jpg

Hamoody Jaafar


Real People are the inspiration for his work. He is a first generation Arab & Muslim-American from a diverse community in the downriver area of Detroit. Growing up he was exposed to a variety of people and communities. The stark contrast in those experiences pushed him to look critically at the world around him and always ask why. His goal is to use storytelling as a means to challenge perceptions, break down stereotypes, and build empathy between people by telling authentic, human stories.

Hamoody is an award-winning filmmaker that has been recognized for his work for both original narratives and branded content.  His immersive nature and authentic filmmaking approach can be felt in every frame of his work.  


A line from a film that best sums up his life:

"’Do you like apples?’ ‘...Yeah.’ ‘Well, I got a numba. How do you like them apples?’"

- Good Will Hunting